Meet the brands from Romania – Green First Farm

The Nordic Organic Food Fair is a celebration of how organic and sustainability has grown internationally. In our latest Q&A series, find out more about Romanian exhibitor Green First Farm in this exclusive Q&A…

Tell us a bit about your company and what makes you unique?

When we decided to enter the organic agriculture business, we selected a name that speaks for the companies ethics: GREEN first! This is not only about organic products, but it is also, firstly, about a culture we want to cultivate: HONESTY, RESPECT, QUALITY, and PURITY. Our company is continuously keeping its promise by producing and harvesting sea buckthorn in an ecological and environmentally-healthy manner, always checked by trusted international certification bodies. To that belief and values, we proudly introduce our customers to two varieties of organic sea buckthorn, ambassadors of extraordinary quality, Clara and Mara (lt. Hipophae Rhamnoides). We have launched our brand, ENERGOVITA, comprising a highly diversified range of organic sea buckthorn products: dried fruit, powder, tea, oil, juice, jam. Our offer is dedicated to the health, pharmaceutical and beauty care industries, as well to the HoReCa sector, thus making our contribution to the preservation and improvement of human health, skincare and healing.

This is not only about organic products, but it is also, firstly, about a culture we want to cultivate: HONESTY, RESPECT, QUALITY, and PURITY

What new products or bestsellers will you be exhibiting on your stand?

We come to this fair with our newest product, i.e. the ENERGOVITA organic sea buckthorn cream, combining the extraordinary qualities of two superfoods: organic sea buckthorn and organic honey. With a high content of omega 7, 3, 6, 9 and beta-carotene, our product is undoubtedly a good choice to help improve our immune system.

Why was the Nordic Organic Food Fair an unmissable opportunity for you?

The market for organic products is a mature, well developed one in the Scandinavian countries. We are convinced that our products are suitable for the well-informed Nordic consumer, keen on maintaining their health and interested in natural products with a high content of vitamins, unsaturated omega-type fatty acids 7, 6, 3, 9 and numerous minerals.

While aiming to inspire others towards embracing a healthy and happy living, we are also constantly looking for inspiration ourselves, to the same goal, therefore NOFF came as an unmissable opportunity for ENERGOVITA.

Why is it important to support Romanian organic food?

By supporting the Romanian organic food, we support ourselves, not only as organic food producers but also as organic food consumers. The Romanian organic products are considered to have a great potential for growth in the European and global organic food industry and we consider it “a must” to play our part in this endeavour. We still have the advantage of unpolluted land that allows us to obtain valuable and clean crops and the more we highlight the importance of supporting the growth of the organic food market share, the more we can preserve that advantage.


Meet the brands from Romania – Green First Farm

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